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Lumobag Logo in weiß
Lumobag Logo in weiß


Lumobag - vollautomatische Verlegemaschine


LUMOBAG is a radical new approach that uses applied science to tackle global warming in a highly efficient way. Aluminium-coated sandbags made from recycled materials reflect more than 90 per cent of the sun’s incoming rays directly into space.

The only way to ensure the Earth’s radiation equilibrium in the face of rising CO2 emissions without a further rise in temperature is to reduce the amount of energy irradiated by the sun. This is precisely where LumoBag comes in. By covering large areas in desert regions with LumoBags, the solar radiation can be reflected more strongly and the amount of energy remaining in the atmosphere can be reduced.  LumoBags cool the earth and balance our atmosphere.



Radko Pavlovec

More about Radko

As a Physicist and Scientist with a deep understanding of the complex needs of global energy systems, I became frustrated with the pace of change in decarbonisation measures.

Societal trends across the planet are demanding change and change now. Our world needed us to reverse the decision of the past and accelerate to new and cleaner ways of providing and consuming energy on our planet.

We are literally cooking ourselves, our planet, plants, water and animals; something had to change. We must turn back the dial and stop heating the planet.

My knowledge and experience taught me that solving complex problems built up over hundreds of years requires deep consideration and time. You can’t just turn everything off.

We need time! Time, we do not have to allow technology to catch up and provide sustainable long-term solutions to benefit every living thing on this planet.

My brain was telling me there had to be a solution to this problem of time, a bridge. Something that would allow us the opportunity to curb, reverse and stabilise our planet’s temperature.

LumoBag was born. Born out of this desire to help the whole of humanity participate in turning down the temperature.


Andrea Pavlovec-Meixner

More about Andrea

I have an affinity with all living things. It’s innate in me. As a child, I always loved being in nature, exploring all the plants, bugs, and animals I could find.

Planet earth is this vast, beautiful ecosystem, an ecosystem that is connected on every level to enable it to not only survive but thrive.

Yet humans as part of this ecosystem have induced climate change, we have done this, and it is our responsibility to the rest of our ecosystem to solve this. But it must be our legacy to future generations to show that we have the capacity to realise the errors of the past, own them and actively pursue solving them.

Receiving the Styrian Environmental Award was an honour. It empowered me to further my passion for the environment and work with the Austrian Naturschutzbund to be a champion of nature conservation.

Our aim with LumoBag is to harness the power of the human spirit and collectively dial back the temperature and restore the balance to our ecosystem.



In contrast to the long-wave infrared radiation of the earth’s surface („low temperature heat“), the short-wave radiation of the sun reflected by LUMOBAGs can leave the atmosphere unhindered. The reflection does not change the wavelength. The greenhouse gases have no absorption spectra in these wavelength ranges and therefore cannot hinder the radiation leaving earth’s atmosphere.

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It immediately limits global warming and allows us to meet the 1.5°C target despite rising CO2 emissions. Highly reflective sandbags in areas with the highest solar radiation stabilise the temperature on Earth. As soon as a LUMOBAG is installed, its effect to compensate the temperature increase starts immediately.

The LUMOBAG project is not a substitute for reducing greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible – this must be the primary goal of governments and business. The more greenhouse gases we continue to emit, the more costly the corrective measures would be, which would soon reach their limits.

The LUMOBAG project gives us a window of opportunity to decarbonise the global economy in an orderly fashion without moving into a catastrophic and uncontrollable realm.

Sea Ice Minimum

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio
The Blue Marble data is courtesy of Reto Stockli (NASA/GSFC).

LUMOBAG compensates for the Earth’s Albedo loss

Global warming is not only driven by greenhouse gases. As a result of rising temperatures, ice is also melting, leading to a decrease in the reflection of solar radiation.
The Arctic is most affected. In the polar region around the North Pole, temperatures are rising faster and more intensely than in other regions of our Earth. Since 1980, the extent of ice cover in the Arctic Ocean has already halved by late summer.

The melting of sea ice leads to a drastic reduction in albedo (= reflection of solar energy). While snow-covered sea ice reflects 80-90% of solar radiation, dark seawater absorbs up to 90%. This additional energy remains in the climate system and fuels global warming. It causes an ever-faster melting of the ice cover – a cycle that intensifies unstoppable.

LUMOBAG increases the reflection of solar energy from Earth. In this way, lost ice surfaces can be partially replaced and contribute to cooling down polar regions as well. By positioning LUMOBAGs in areas with highest solar radiation and their year-round availability, LUMOBAG surfaces reflect multiple times more than equal extents of ice surfaces.


Help provide a time window for humanity to decarbonize the globe

Did you know

An average European causes emissions of around eight tonnes of CO2 per year. To offset the effect of at least one ton of CO2, one square meter of reflective surface is needed.

Come reflect with us

So if you join us to put eight square metres LumoBags in the sand, you can offset your annual CO2 emissions. Immediately. Or even in advance.


As soon as possible, we would like to set up a pilot plant in an area with high solar radiation. For this we need the help of as many committed people as possible who do not want to accept the climate catastrophe.

Take action

Order the first copies of our Limited First Edition now for only 30 euros per square meter LumoBags  at sales@lumobag.com and set a good example for your community.

Is your company a first mover to take responsibility for climate stabilisation?

We are looking for first mover companies who will accompany us in the start-up phase and for multi-year partnerships. Please contact us at sales@lumobag.com to order your limited edition LumoCertificates to compensate your CO2 emissions.

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